The Darkest Timeline

 We only have THREE rules (unless we're doing a "themed" season):

    1. Start every season with a Nick Cage movie

    2. Choose an actor in said movie and follow them to another bad movie.

    3. Repeat rule 2 until you are too far down the rabbit hole, at which point the season is over.

What/Who/Where/How is The Darkest Timeline?

What is The Darkest Timeline?

The Darkest Timeline is a weekly movie podcast (schedules permitting), clearly in no way named in honor of the absolutely brilliant concept in the wonder of network television known as Community.


The rules are above, so I'm not repeating them here, but what it really is is a movie night that very suddenly obtained an over-inflated sense of purpose. Let's all hope that it works out for the best.

Who is The Darkest Timeline?

The Darkest Timeline Podcast has four members;


     David (this is technically all his fault)

     Twins Ian and Dylan (their voices may sound similar)

     Brett (the married one with responsibilities)

     John (the one without the beard)


They got together as friends. Lets see how long that lasts when they're neck deep in (insert title of really really really bad movie).

Where is The Darkest Timeline?

We are based in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California, and we're not getting any more detailed than that. Our recording location was even bleeped in the first episode.


Bunny Metal will probably be getting a P.O. Box at some point. That address might end up here too.

How is The Darkest Timeline?

We've been better, to be perfectly honest.


This can get pretty rough.


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