Welcome to the short

1943 Batman serial



Indulge me a history of this season.


        This was a trying time with a very strange recording schedule. The first three episodes were recorded over two days, the following two were recorded in one day a month later, and the final episode was recorded a month after that. The purpose of this season was to do a short podcast series with the original four (David, Ian, Dylan, and Brett) and give everyone a Summer break. We were going to record all the episodes over a week or two and put them out over two months. We were clearly not able to do that. Not to mention that life got in the way to such a degree that there was a month break after the first three episodes. Once we finally scheduled the day to record the final episode, Brett was not able to make it, as he was busy becoming a father. Congratulations Brett.


        Anyway, the 1943 Batman serial is a strange beast, since it was created during war-time. The easiest way to say how it is different from most other Batman things is to say that it is incredibly racist to the Japanese, with whom we were at war with at the time. We understand why it was done, and how the Japanese were viewed at the time, but that doesn't mean we agree with it. Other than that, it's just a bonkers little serial. Enjoy.

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