Double Dragon (1994)

For the second episode of Season 4, we watched the second video game movie ever made, "Double Dragon" (1994)! Join David, Ian, Dylan, Brett, and John in their collective wondering on how they got around to the chosen plot for this movie. "They" being the writer, director, or producers; whoever it was that actually made that decision. With things like this you can never tell.

In case you didn't know, the very basic gist of the game is that a girl (Marian) is kidnapped and two brothers (Billy and Jimmy Lee) fight their way through hordes of punks armed with bats, knives, whips, and fists to get her back.

It should come as no surprise that Hollywood knew better than that. Punks fighting their way down an alley? No! Let us make this the spiritual sibling of Escape From L.A.! (which wouldn't come out for two years, but stay with me here)! We will turn L.A. into a post-apocalyptic (read: massive earthquake) flood-zone in 2007. Everyone loves the future.

They took that premise and dumped a measly $7.8 million into it. For all the trouble they took making something awesome into something awful, they only got $2.3 million back. I guess you really do get what you pay for.

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