For the fifteenth episode of season 4, we watched 1995's helluva unique first commercially successful video game adaptation. That's right, we watched Mortal Kombat! Who knew, the one based on the game where you rip out spines was successful at the box office. I suppose you could also blame this particular film for making studios think it was viable to keep making these things. Anyway, it stars Robin Shou, Linden Ashby, Bridgette Wilson, and Christopher Lambert.

Time for a history lesson.

In 1836 a detachment of French soldiers stationed in Northern Africa came upon- I jest. Back to Mortal Kombat.

Development of the first Mortal Kombat began in 1991 with a simple four man team. A programmer, two graphics artists, and a sound engineer. It reportedly finished development in a relatively short ten months. Originally an adaptation of Universal Solider, with the likeness of Jean-Claude Van Damme beating up bad guys. But that all quickly fell apart, and the team kept up making a game anyway, eventually creating Jonny Cage, a spoof of Van Damme, who even shares initals with the star. J.C.

It took the first six months of production for the team to settle on a name and, like all good names, it started out as a joke. One of the name on the board of names that everyone invariably hated was “Combat”, but at some point, as a joke, someone replaced the C with a K. Steve Ritchie, a pinball designer, saw it and asked, “ Why don't you just name it Mortal Kombat?”

They did.

Subsequently the team started replacing other hard C's with the letter K in all the MK games, which they apparently wouldn't do until some developer pointed out that they should do it at some point before the game released. At that point it was probably like a really boring scavenger hunt. Kracker, Kaffeine, Kommunity, Koronary, and I'm bored of this stupid game already.

See you next week, I suppose.

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