For the fifth episode of Season 4, we watched the grand-daddy of all terrible video game adaptations (so, all video game adaptations) “Super Mario Bros.” (1993). Join David, Ian, Dylan, and Brett as they review this confusing mess of parallel dimension madness.

If you've somehow never heard of Mario and don't know anything about the games, first off; what the Hell is wrong with you? This is absolute madness!

I can't even look at you right now. Go away…

…Welcome back.

In any case, Mario dates back to the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong, in which you played “Jumpman” trying to save his girlfriend “Lady” from Donkey Kong (the only character that did not go on to be renamed). Jumpman and Lady were later renamed Mario and Pauline. Mario was then spun-off into his own arcade game, Mario Bros. (1983), which also featured his brother Luigi. The first Mario platformer was 1985's Super Mario Bros., which started one of the most successful game series of all time.

All in all, Mario has appeared (in some form or another) in 241 games (including remakes). That's a fair number of caveats, but also a completely astounding number of games. Truly one of the most well known video game characters of all time. That said, this movie clearly stars Luigi, not mario. Mario's just along for the ride.

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