For the fourth episode of Season 4, we watched one of the few adaptations of a video game that actually got the costuming pretty dead-on, "Tekken" (2009)! Join David, Ian, and Dylan as they review this well-dressed film that just can't get a handle on the story it's based off.

If you've never played any Tekken, here's what we're on about; people hit each other, the person left standing is declared the victor.

Moving on.

I'm kidding.

Tekken is a fighting arcade game series, created by Namco, that first released to Japanese arcades in December of 1994. They have also appeared on most major home consoles, including all four incarnations of the Sony Playstation. In the years since the first game, there have been seven main-series games and two non-cannon entries (Tag-Tournament 1 & 2). There have also been numerous spin-off titles, including the iffy-at-best "Death By Degrees" for the PS2. Good times.

This film is the first Tekken adaptation (it also had a Direct-to-Video prequel that, nonetheless, is still called Tekken 2). A CGI film was also created in 2011, that is an alternate telling of the events between Tekken 5 & 6 and reviewed to be slightly better than the live action movie. Much better if you're only focusing on the fights.

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