For the third episode of Season 4, we watched one the most confusing adaptations of a video game that has ever been made, but not in the way you think, "Wing Commander" (1999)! Join Ian, Dylan, Brett, regular guest Josh, and special guest Aaron as they try and work out what exactly went wrong here... Here's a hint, it was a lot. You're going to have to listen to the podcast for all the specifics.

Just in case you're wading through the darkness of Wing Commander knowledge, let me turn on a light for you. It's a game where you pilot a cool looking space ship and fight strange people-hating cat monsters through a well developed narrative with fleshed out characters played well-known Hollywood talents in Full Motion Video cut scenes with impressive quality (III, IV, and Prophecy).

Strangely enough, the man who created the games and directed the FMV's in Wing Commander III and IV, directed this movie as well. So, you coyly ask, what could possibly have gone wrong? I will tell you; everything. All of it. The space ships are awful, the cat monsters are wet plastic, it was shot like soft-core porn, and Blair (the main character of the games) feels like an extra for half the movie!

There are so many weird choices in this movie, and I get that they were trying to give Wing Commander a fresh start, but I don't think it's a coincidence that there weren't any more Wing Commander games until 2007, and that one was bad.

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